How do I register a tag?

カテゴリ: 5.1. Personal Services
Method 1) In the bibliography search result list screen, enter a check mark in the check box of the bibliography whose tag you want to register, and click .

Method 2) In the bibliography details screen, click .

However, tags such as those used in a list of the specified books in a syllabus (e.g., all university, 2012 first term) cannot be registered.

Referring to other tags
By attaching the same tags to multiple bibliographies, you can batch search them.

Checking the tag history
You can check the tag history from [OPAC] -> [My Folder] -> [Tag History], which is on the right menu.

What if a tag is inappropriate?
If you think that a tag is inappropriate or does not match the material, please contact us.
Click [Report as inappropriate] behind "Register tag" on the bibliography details screen to register your report.