★What do I do when I don't find the materials I'm looking for on the [Bib Search] tab? (Part 1)

If even the search on the OPAC [Bib Search] tab has no hits,
  1. check the Kanji and spelling of keywords to see whether they are correct.
  2. Are searching by "Article title" or "Article author"? Try searching by serial title.
    When you want to search by "Article title" or "Article author," try searching from the [Article Search] tab. In such cases, you may also be able to read the text of electronic journals from a personal computer.
  3. If you still do not find the materials you are looking for, try searching from the [Other Univ.] tab or [Cross Search] tab.
    If you can confirm that the library of another institution possesses the materials you are looking for, you may be able to go directly to that library to use the materials there or get them from the library.