OPAC is not operating normally. (OPAC recommended browsers and Notice)

カテゴリ: 0. Getting Started

Recommended browsers

We recommend using the latest versions of the following browsers so that OPAC is easy to use:


  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome


  • Safari


These browsers do not operate normally with the following settings. Change these settings when applicable.

  • Cookies setting: Disable
  • Compatibility View setting: Enable (Internet Explorer)
  • Referer setting: Disable

* If the Referer setting in your browser is Disable, the browser does not operate normally. After enabling Referer, access OPAC again.

* It is possible for the content to be displayed as follows when the compatibility view is turned on with Internet Explorer8.
  • The column width of specific items in the bibliography details holdings list narrows drastically.
  • A gray line borders each bibliography in the search result list.