★What if I want to find out whether a neighborhood library, bookstore, or somewhere else has a book not available at the university?

To search a library, bookstore, or elsewhere, enter a check mark beside it on the [Cross Search] tab, and perform the search.
You can search the following from the [Cross Search] tab:
  • Cross Search: CiNii Books, Google Books, and book collections of the National Diet Library and libraries outside Japan (WorldCat, British Library)
  • University libraries: Neighborhood university libraries, etc.
  • Public libraries: Book collections of neighborhood public libraries, etc.
  • Bookstores: Book collections and bibliography data of Amazon, Junkudo Bookstore, and Books Kinokuniya
  • Classic books: Classic books in university libraries and public libraries across Japan (comprehensive catalog of Japanese classic books)

How to use
  • The search result list screen can display the search results of each specific search site or all sites.
  • The first displayed search results belong to the search site where the search ended the earliest.
  • If you want to find out the search results of another site, select it from the left menu.
  • You can display a list of search results of each specific search site by clicking "Show All Sites" at the top left of the screen or clicking the site link in the results for each site on the left side of the screen.
  • The number of acquired results is limited (10 to 100) depending on the site. If you want to find out all the search results of a specific site, perform the search directly from that site.
  • The results of searches with [Cross Search] may differ from the direct search results of a specific search site. Use [Cross Search] mainly as a guide to determining the good sites to search for the materials you are looking for.

By selecting "Various applications" displayed for the bibliography on the search result list screen, you can make an ILL copy request (getting a copy from another library) and an ILL borrowing request (getting a book from another library).