★What do I do when I don't find the materials I'm looking for on the [Bib Search] tab? (Part 2)

You can search for and obtain materials from the search screen by following the procedure below.

1. Search the holdings of other university libraries and the National Diet Library, and apply to get the book or a copy (ILL copy request and ILL borrowing request) from the relevant library.
    → Perform the search from the [Other Univ.] tab or the [Cross Search] tab.

2. Search the holdings of your neighborhood public library and university libraries, and visit the relevant library directly.
    → Perform the search from the [Cross Search] tab by selecting a neighborhood public library, university library, etc.

3. Perform a search from a bookstore, etc., and consider purchasing the materials there.
    → Select a bookstore and perform the search from the [Cross Search] tab.

4. Search the holdings of libraries outside Japan, and get the materials from the relevant library.

* Getting a book or inter-library loan from a library or other such other organization outside Japan takes a significantly long time. Due to a variety of reasons, it may also be impossible to get materials from libraries outside Japan. For details, consult the library staff.